The Piecemaker

Turn that piece of a website into a pièce de résistance.

Your site is up and running, and you’ve made it half way to where you want to be.  We will work on your site with minor tweaks or totally revamp it to make it look the way it should.  If you need your site optimized for search engines so that Google will actually find you in your geographical area, we can do it.  If you need to create a Google AdWords campaign or integrate an online booking system, we can do it.  If you’re looking to realign images or just change some text, we can do it.  If you want to turn the whole site into something better, stronger, and faster, we can do that too.  What you want is what you get, piece-by-piece, hour-by-hour.

Cost: depends on complexity of project

If you need your whole site redone to make sure your visitors turn into clients, check out the A-Z Package!

What about when you have to pay for your pièce? With a valid credit card, all payments can be made instantaneously and securely over the phone or with email invoicing.  No hassles with checks and postage stamps (unless you like that sort of thing).


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