The Gold Miner

Do you have a website that needs a new direction? Do you need help organizing things for a better client experience? Are you looking for ideas to help your website turn prospective clients into actual clients? 

And are you just crazy enough to do all the heavy lifting yourself?

Leverage our experience and start yourself off in the right direction.

Website and Business Process Consultations

The Gold Miner program is designed for those who want to fix things themselves but need a road map before starting on the journey. 

What you get: 

  • A 30-minute phone consultation to help you lay the groundwork for a new site and/or better business processes
  • a full review of your website by the Websites4Rolfers team
  • a one to two page summary of all the changes you need to make and tips for how to get started on those changes
  • A 15-minute phone consultation to answer your questions and help you on your way.

Cost: $200

If you need your whole site redone or need to have a whole site made, check out the A-Z Package!

Making payments is simple too!  With a valid credit card, all payments can be made instantaneously and securely over the phone or with email invoicing through PayPal.  No hassles with checks and postage stamps (unless you REALLY like that sort of thing).


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