A-Z Package

Getting a website — made simple.

This is the package for those who have no existing website, no host or domain, and just want to get things off to a good start as they build their Rolfing practices.  You will end up with a multi-page site with a clean, professional interface and an easy-to-edit system.  You won’t have to learn HTML, PHP, MYSQL or any other strange combination of letters, and you won’t have to learn what to do with a database.

But you’ll still be able to control the words that show up on your site and make changes to the text of your site as your practice evolves without worrying about damaging the layout.

What you get:

  • Clean, professional layout (no works of art — just simple, clean, and professional)
  • Search engine optimization techniques to get you up, up, and away in the Google and Yahoo! rankings
  • A blank canvas for you to write to your heart’s content! (if you want us to write for you, we can, but it’s an extra charge)
  • 5-7 main pages
  • A sidebar for announcements, links, etc.
  • A blog (if you know what one is and want one)
  • a professional email address at your domain (e.g. mary@marytherolfer.com instead of marytherolfer@gmail.com)

Simple, straightforward, and worth every penny.


Professional logo design, business card design, and additional website features are also available at special rates for A-Z package clients.

Making payments is simple too!  With a valid credit card, all payments can be made instantaneously and securely over the phone or with email invoicing.  No hassles with checks and postage stamps (unless you like that sort of thing).