The A – Z Package

Getting a website — made simple.

You need it all and you’ll get it all.  Professional, clean, multi-page site with tools that make it easy to edit without destroying the layout or making the whole site turn into an ugly pile of HTML.  A searchable blog can be included at no extra charge for those looking to make a verbal splash.  Search engine optimization tricks are employed to boost your Google rankings in your geographic region without paying the Google ransom (AKA AdWords).  No need to learn HTML, PHP, CSS, or MYSQL — just point, click, and edit.

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The Piecemaker

Turn that piece of a website into a pièce de résistance.

You’ve got yourself a website, a host, a domain registrar, and you’ve even built yourself a website using an HTML template.  It was tough work, and it sort of got the job done, but you need a change.  It doesn’t look professional, and it’s probably scaring off more clients than it’s wooing.  You have no idea how to get a higher search engine ranking besides paying Google some silly sum of money.  Or perhaps you’re looking to integrate an online booking system to make it easier for clients to book with you? Matt can work with you to turn your site into something worth putting on the internet and that the search engines will think is worth displaying.

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The Goldminer

Are you capable of doing some programming on your own? Want to make tweaks to your site yourself but not sure what exactly needs doing? 

Our website and business process consulting can help you get the most out of what you got at a price that you can afford.

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