Keep your links pretty

When setting up your website, it’s a good idea to make sure your permalinks are pretty.

A permalink is the address (or URL) that people and your internet browser use to find a page on your site.

For example, the post you’re reading right now has the following permalink:

See how it has the title words embedded into it? To a human being, it makes sense. To a search engine, it makes sense (since the search engine — like you — is looking for words to understand what the page is about). The more sense it makes to search engines, the more likely it is search engines will present your site to other human beings! Read more…

Appealing to mobile matters

One week's worth of visitsYou probably have a smart phone. At this point, a lot of your friends and family probably have smart phones. Is your website friendly to smart phones?

Above you see a screenshot of the statistics for my website for my Rolfing Structural Integration practice for one week. You can see that out of the 255 visits to my site, 69 were on an Android or iOS (iPhone/iPad), with iOS being the majority (55 iOS users). Read more…

Spabooker now has Google Calendar sync — or does it?

spabooker and google calendarIt look them forever — approximately 3 years — to listen to user requests to create some kind of friendly, automatic Google Calendar sync.

The first request was  made by Florida Rolfer Ari Globerman back in December of 2009. Spabooker finally started a Google Calendar sync in August of 2012….but how good is it? The feature was released with much fanfare as part of their version 8.3 release.

 A collective sigh of relief went out over the internet. In the first few days, though, the shortcomings became very clear and remain very clear.
Read more…

Neat menus matter

Menu 02Let’s say you sit down at a restaurant known for its ribs. It’s a really dark place, and you left your reading glasses in the car. The waiter hands you a menu that feels absurdly thick.

You open it up, and pages are actually falling out. You glance at a few of the pages, and find that everything is jumbled up. Read more…

Stop wrecking your brain with passwords

Locks and KeyYou have a thousand things on your mind. You have rent to pay, clients to see, kids to pick up from school, emails to answer, and sixteen things to get from the supermarket tonight.

And now another website is asking you to remember another password? 

Does that sound pretty familiar?

Does that sound familiar and frustrating?

Stop memorizing those same three passwords. Read more…