Keep your links pretty

When setting up your website, it’s a good idea to make sure your permalinks are pretty.

A permalink is the address (or URL) that people and your internet browser use to find a page on your site.

For example, the post you’re reading right now has the following permalink:

See how it has the title words embedded into it? To a human being, it makes sense. To a search engine, it makes sense (since the search engine — like you — is looking for words to understand what the page is about). The more sense it makes to search engines, the more likely it is search engines will present your site to other human beings!

An example of an unfriendly and unpretty URL is:

Compare that to a friendly URL like this: 

Both addresses take you to the same place, but which do you think a search engine and a human being would like more?

When having your site set up, make sure you keep links (and other things) pretty!

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