Appealing to mobile matters

One week's worth of visitsYou probably have a smart phone. At this point, a lot of your friends and family probably have smart phones. Is your website friendly to smart phones?

Above you see a screenshot of the statistics for my website for my Rolfing Structural Integration practice for one week. You can see that out of the 255 visits to my site, 69 were on an Android or iOS (iPhone/iPad), with iOS being the majority (55 iOS users).

What does that tell you?

27% of the visitors to my site in the last week were looking at my site on a mobile phone.

I know that my site is set to work well on Android and iOS smart phones. Is yours? 

If not, and you’re on wordpress, look around for themes that are “responsive.”  Responsive means that the theme will adapt its layout based on the device displaying it. So if someone’s looking at your site on an iPad, your layout will be adjusted to work for the iPad. If someone looks on an iPhone, it will be adapted to display in an easily readable format there as well. 

For a quick example, go ahead and view on your smart phone. You’ll see how the layout adapts to your phone’s screen instead of making everything zoom out.

Attention to details like this tell your client that you are the type who pays attention to details that matter.


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