Neat menus matter

Menu 02Let’s say you sit down at a restaurant known for its ribs. It’s a really dark place, and you left your reading glasses in the car. The waiter hands you a menu that feels absurdly thick.

You open it up, and pages are actually falling out. You glance at a few of the pages, and find that everything is jumbled up.

Some things are bold.  Some things are made HUGE AND IN CAPS for no good reason.

And some of the entrees have epic descriptions that span several pages and seem to be written in iambic pentameter. 

You rifle through the menu, trying to find the ribs, but it’s too dark, the menu is too disorganized, and — dang it — you can’t see anything in this dark place!!!

Before you’ve even ordered, the restaurant has let you down.

Now how does your website compare to this rib restaurant? Are your website menus simple, predictable, and well-organized? Do you make it easy for clients and potential clients to find what they’re looking for? Is the organization logical? Is there enough contrast between your words and the background?

These things matter in a restaurant experience and they matter on your website experience. Keep your client in mind!

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