Stop wrecking your brain with passwords

Locks and KeyYou have a thousand things on your mind. You have rent to pay, clients to see, kids to pick up from school, emails to answer, and sixteen things to get from the supermarket tonight.

And now another website is asking you to remember another password? 

Does that sound pretty familiar?

Does that sound familiar and frustrating?

Stop memorizing those same three passwords.

The solution most people use is creating a couple different passwords and then using them all over the internet. But often you come up with the same old riff on the same old password. We’ve worked with people who have the same password across many, many sites that are extremely important.

Is your gmail password the same as your bank password?


If it is, go change one of them right now because having access to the password to both is a major security vulnerability that can leave you penniless.

So what can you do?

Start memorizing only one password.

I know that sounds bizarre. But check out this password manager and get your brain power back: Last Pass.

Last Pass works on all internet browsers (at least popular ones) and can create super secure random passwords for your sites. It will save and remember site passwords for you, and it’ll do it in a way that’s more secure than you writing it down on a piece of paper or using your name and birthday for every single password. It’s an app been highly rated by numerous news and tech sites and blogs, and this security wonk even dedicated a podcast to it here.

If you really want to harness it for extra power, you can even use it to store common info you need to fill out online (like your address, your phone number, etc.).

Last Pass simply makes your internet life more manageable and a lot more secure. Check it out and reclaim some brain space!

Oh, and it’s FREE! 

4 Responses

  1. Hey matt what is the fee for such set ups?

  2. Matt

    Hi Rhonda!

    Lastpass is actually totally free. If you need help setting it up and learning how to use it, we can definitely help you out. We’ll be in touch shortly.

  3. Paul

    I used to use 1Password for the same purpose (works great) and have recently switched to Dashlane, which I’m a big fan of.

  4. Matt

    Thanks for mentioning Dashlane, Paul. I heard about it a few months back but never got around to trying it out. Any specific comments about it you think would be useful for anyone thinking of trying it?

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